My name is Dylan and I’m so excited to meet you and work with you!

You probably wonder about me, and my transformation.

Wow, what a journey this has been.

It started with me truly altering my life-style. 

I thought it would be a weight-loss journey, but that was just the surface, the initial layer.

It was a huge step however, and I lost the weight and felt great! For a moment…

I paused and realized that I still had this empty feeling inside. I discovered yoga. This assisted in putting my mind and my body at ease.

Still, that voice came back up. I did not understand. I knew I had the tools to change my body and quiet my mind. Something deeper was occurring. I continued the journey within. I fell so many times that I was losing my light. I knew deep in my core that I was meant to do big things in this world, but also that I was meant to heal my younger self.

I was brought into Network Spinal Analysis (NSA). That moment… Something shifted inside me and revealed many layers that had been repressed. I learned many things about myself. I learned Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI), a type of breath work that helps you understand your body, how tension and emotion are stored and the affect they have on the physical self.

From this point I started to understand and work with my gifts which were revealed when the shift happened. My heart ripped open inside of me. My intuition began to awaken and witness this change. This was a rebirth, me coming home to myself. I began to travel and continue healing work with others.

I began visiting with counselors, therapists, and coaches continuing with my self-maintenance, investing in myself.

We are priceless. Keep investing and learning to love yourself when your soul calls for more.
Then the birth of Soul cleanse happened. 
Here we are.

What makes me different is that I approach training in an emotional way: what’s really going on with you; what patterns are going on in your body and mind; how can we address them so that you feel and move better? It is such amazing work.

I’d love to share my practices with you and give you the opportunity and skills to live a holistic, healthy, and balanced lifestyle. Yes, of course it can and likely will be hard at times, but the feeling you will have after we work together…You won’t be able to put a price on it. You will feel alive, re-awakened, or even reborn.

Please believe me,  it’s your time!

Education/Inner work

I have been training clients for over 13 years after receiving my personal training certification from the National Personal Training Institute in 2008. Next, I was certified in massage, yoga-training with specialization in yin-style, meditation and reiki level 1 and 2 will be going for reiki master.

I trained in SRI while working for a Network Spinal Analysis office. This inspired me to create my own breath work influenced by SRI. Everything I did assisted in expanding my intuition to connect better with humans.

I now utilize this learned healing work and create something special, tailored to you. There are many incredible humans I have learned from and worked with who have assisted me in a tremendous amount of inner and outer work:

  • Yoga – Tymi Howard
  • Yin yoga – Joe Barnett
  • Meditation – Tracee stanley
  • Reiki- Gracie Noellie
  • Network Spinal Analysis doctors- I have worked with many including Dominick
  • D’anna, Deb Aryer, Brian Lumb, Chelsea Rae, Scherina Alli, Tatiana Agafonova, Aaron Wilkerson, and Daniel Knowles

I have also visited the gate as part of my self-maintenance.

Modern Mystery School

This work assists me in creating for you while maintaining a balanced sense of self.