Online Class Schedule

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If you are interested in a 1:1 or private session, get in touch with me on social media or on my Contact page.

Class descriptions

Keep an eye out for the class that speaks to you! Truly looking forward to taking you through the cleanse.

Soul Cleanse โ€“ 80 mins (the Complete Experience)

Intention setting. Breathing deep into our hearts. Working out to access emotions and digest them. We will dance. Assessing what needs to fully cleansed from within today. More heart expansion exercises. Mantra setting. Yin yoga to release found emotions ground you from the cleansing. We end with a meditation and a final group expression. To be seen. To be heard. Soul Divers say that they can feel this release for up to a month.

A Shot of Soul โ€“ 30 mins

A workout to access your emotions. This is about you. We will ground with intention. Body weight movements. Breathe into our body. Dance. Leaving you open with a mantra to take you through your week while digesting and considering your needs.

A Cup of Soul โ€“ 45 mins

Intention setting. Breathing into our bodies. A workout to access your emotions and digest them. We will dance. Heart expansion exercises. Stretch our bodies with a dash of yin yoga. We will connect together at the end sharing our words of release.

Soul(o) Cleanse
$ 333.00
Solo Soul cleanse is your theme of choice. This theme is for when you are ready to be completely in-tune with yourself. This is me focusing and guiding solely you, through the whole experience. Leaving you feeling and digesting all that has shifted and changed within you. A huge heart expansion for you to truly sit with while acknowledging massive changes. This can also be about feeling so much gratitude for the life you are experiencing and creating.

Group Soul Cleanse
$ 555.00 for a group of 5
Personal group Soul Cleanse experience – A group of your choosing to do your own personal Soul diver experience with. Share the heart expansion with one another.

Soul Cleanse- Weekend Awakens
Coming soon
This multi-day experience is meant to assist you in fully clocking out and checking in with yourself. Theme is Soul cleanse. Break with nature. Get in touch with yourself, journal it out. Come back in and do more self-reflection on what may be coming to the surface. Connect with all your emotions. See what needs further reflection. Yin yoga. Meditation. Breathing. Being. Group work to connect with one another.

I want to invite you to come work with me. We will plan your Soul package and find what is right for your next step of your beautiful journey. We will consult to see if we are aligned with one another.

All emotions are welcome here.
Classes are currently offered online only.