Soul Experiences

“I met Dylan Bowman over 3 years ago and had been exercising for years.   I was proud of my fitness level, but had a pulled hamstring that was severely limiting from my usual exercise routine.  I turned to Dylan to introduce some variety in my routine that would safely rehabilitate my hamstring back to health.  I always look forward to my sessions with her because she knew how to find the perfect combination of fun and hard work.  I was happy to achieve the desired results and improve in the areas of strength, endurance, and overall well being.  Using a unique blend of encouragement and firmness Dylan has helped me work toward my goals and I would not hesitate to recommend her as a fitness consultant.”
– Nicole R from Orlando, FL

I have seen amazing results with a chronic pain situation thanks to Dylan’s unique combination of techniques.  She has worked with me on Breath, Yin Yoga, massage, and also advised me on my general fitness routine.  In addition, she is a remarkably intuitive person.  Her ability to make use of all her skills and gifts in addressing the problem has helped me immensely.
– Chuck B. from Windermere, FL

“I was introduced to Dylan through a mutual friend; ever since, it’s been an honor and pleasure to know and work with her. I started doing breath work with her a few months after our introduction, and I must say the changes its made in my life have been palpable. My work with her has bolstered my self esteem, and has given me added confidence in being able to communicate with others, something that for me, continues to be a work in progress; I’m glad that I’m doing the work!”
– A. Washington from Orlando, FL

“Dylan has an amazing energetic openness and she makes workouts not feel like workouts. Although, Dylan’s workouts are intense, she knows when you truly have reached your limit; she pushes you because she knows that you have 5 more repetitions in you and you really do have 5 more. If you have any injuries, for example: my mom recently had knee surgery and Dylan did give her an intense full body workout without straining her “new knee”. Dylan can take your workout requests and incorporate them into your workout as well. Dylan follows up with me on my outside cardio workouts and on my eating. She encourages me throughout the week to stay focused on my goal. Dylan is my favorite trainer by far because she has invested her time in me and even when I fall she is there to get me back on track and remind me of my end goals.”
– Sarah M. from Orlando, FL

Dylan is so passionate about yin yoga. She pours her heart, soul and positive intention into each of her classes. I leave feeling more relaxed and lighter, like I’m floating in the clouds, after her yin class.
– Linh T. from Orlando, FL

“It is a pleasure to work out with Dylan’s advice and guidance.  Initially, she was very thorough and took the time to determine our needs and wants with an activity program.  Dylan covered all aspects or our training and really left us with a feeling of comfort.  The work-outs that we did with her were very balanced and worked our whole body.  One of the things that we liked was that she kept the work-outs fresh and unpredictable, but still flowed good.  The results that we received were very noticeable within a short time; more strength, endurance, etc.  We would highly recommend Dylan if you are looking for a skilled, thorough parter to guide you into a healthy lifestyle!”
– Dave and Carolee T. from Orlando, FL

SRI has changed my life 100%. I have never felt more connected, more balanced and happier since I started in 2012. SRI has allowed me to grow spiritually and emotionally. I can do Yoga, get massages, meditate, BUT without SRI, there truly isn’t an inner peace and fulfillment that we all seek. It’s like the missing piece to the puzzle. Dylan is the best person I know to perform SRI. I have tried others but she has a healing vibe and ability that others just don’t have. She is so dedicated to helping others reconnect and release any junk we get from life. I love her and she is like family to us. Thank you Dylan for all that you do for our family.

-Claudia Rupeiks from Altamonte, FL

“When I found Dylan I’d already made some progress with another trainer, dropping from near 300 pounds to 220. My previous trainer put me on a near starvation diet and had me overtraining. My weight began yo-yo-ing and fatigue and depression took over.  Starting off with a new trainer was hard, but Dylan’s approach built trust in her, in the process and most of all in myself.

I’ve tried many trainers but Dylan is unique. Her acute perception about the relationship between emotions and muscle tension make her workouts not only outstanding physically, but cathartic. Dylan is unflaggingly patient with the mess of emotions I have connected to weight loss, moving me toward more positive attitudes and making sure I celebrate the small successes that add up over time.”
– Rachelle T. from Orlando, FL

“SRI is an invaluable tool in my efforts to live a peaceful and meaningful life in my mind and body. Leaving a session with Dylan I always feel more grounded, with less anxiety and ready to live my life to the fullest.”
– John Rife from Orlando, FL

“When I started wanting to make a change in my life, I had a lot of problems with finding any bit of motivation. With the help of my sister, Dylan I was able to overcome the huge “block” of getting into the swing of things when I was at my lowest point for my health. I would see her twice a week that would go on for over a year. Within that year I had lost over 100lbs, and she aided me to the 9th degree. She did it by finding a connection with how this would help me in any future I wanted, and not through a belittling or over the top sort of way. That’s not to say that she wasn’t tough as a trainer, I always felt that because I’m her brother she pushed me harder in the beginning because she knew my threshold of how much I could take. Dylan would always know how I was feeling emotionally every time she would train me which would affect my overall workouts. I can’t say how many times I would go in there not wanting to work out, and not wanting to talk to anyone at all. However when I was done with our training sessions, I would come out feeling motivated, and even more social since I knew I was accomplishing something more and more every time with her. She never kept things to a dull routine. One workout it would be incredibly strenuous and tiring, and the other would be a little less tiring which would make me more pumped for the next workout. She monitored my weight very well, and I’ll admit I was dreading every single last weigh in, but she comforted me. I always said “Do NOT tell what the number is.” My sister made me comfortable to where I could look at it, and always upon always seeing consistent positive results. It’s been a while since our last training session, but I use what she taught me nearly every time with my personal workouts. I pushed myself more and more, and I’m now at the point of losing 200lbs. I still need to keep moving forward, and pushing myself to my goals, and I’ll always take comfort knowing my sister made an impact on me getting to this point.
To keep moving forward, and pushing myself to my goals, and I’ll always take comfort knowing my sister made an impact on me getting to this point.”

 -Patrick Bowman (Brother) from Oviedo, FL

I met Dylan about 2 years ago, when I moved into my own apartment. I was going through a major transition, as it was the first time I ever lived on my own. Going through a lot of changes caused stress and for me, being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, stress meant pain. Dylan was very instrumental

In helping bring awareness to the process I was going through and addressing issues that I wasn’t even aware of. Through the use of breath, we were able to release trapped energies in my body, which caused the pain. She also helped me feel more balanced by aligning my body with my heart, mind and spirit so that I can continue on my journey in the healthiest way possible. I don’t know exactly how she does it, but I think it has something to do with the positive vibe she brings into each of our sessions. I am now moving into a new space, and having Dylan back to help with that transition is definitely on my list. Thank you, Dylan, for being an amazing soul and using your gift
of healing to
help me become the best version of myself!

-Jonalyn Cruzada from Orlando,FL

Dylan’s yin class was everything my body needed. I love that Dylan ends each yin pose in savasana. If you are looking to go further in your yoga practice yin will help soften the connective tissue & fascia surrounding the body. Dylan has a thorough understanding of how yin yoga poses help maintain our joint flexibility, which cannot be exercised like muscles, only yin yoga can accomplish this. I love this class. I can see and feel  how taking Dylan’s yin class has helped improve my power yoga practice and I always look forward to practicing yin with Dylan.

Five out of five stars for Dylan’s yin class!

-Chloe Gordon from Orlando, FL

I sometimes travel for more than a week and while I want to enjoy my vacation, or may have a busy schedule while I travel, I am concerned about backsliding while I’m away and out of my routine. Dylan’s FaceTime sessions are a godsend. Whether I had a good gym, lousy gym or no gym, whether my room was spacious or so small my outstretched arms hit the wall, Dylan was able to adapt to give me a good workout. Being able to continue with Yin while on the road was tremendously helpful for stress reduction when I was traveling and because I often forget to stretch. Scheduling FaceTime sessions is now a part of all my travel planning.

-Rachelle T. from Orlando,FL

My experience training with Dylan has been awesome. Our first few sessions were tough but she was so encouraging through it. She has such a positive attitude, calm demeanor, intelligence, and kind heart but don’t let that full you. She’ll kick your butt!!!! She’s very patient and a great person to talk to. You just feel better in spirit mind and body after a work out with her. Trust me, it’s the absolute best investment you’ll ever make. Your health is very important, and sometimes you can’t do it alone. I’ve trained with others but nothing has challenged me more, in a good way. She truly cares.
I forgot to add that I’ve lost weight, built muscle, and gotten stronger!!

-Michelle R. from Winter Springs,FL

When I first met Dylan I was in really rough shape both physically and mentally. I was ending an 8-year stint of traveling for my job where lunch and dinner were almost always fast food or a bag of potato chips. During a visit to my doctor he gave me a stern warning that my health was in a bad place and I needed to get my numbers under control as my weight had reached nearly 300 pounds and my blood sugars were constantly reading over 200.

I still remember the first workout with Dylan. My body was screaming to quit but her motivational skills kept pushing me to give one more rep. From the beginning she knew exactly when to push me to do more and when to provide motivational support if I couldn’t quite accomplish the exercise she had assigned.

She keeps your workouts so fresh and challenging that even a year later I am still working muscle groups that leave me with the good kind of activated muscle soreness. Not many trainers can do that!

The first day I met Dylan she asked me what my goals were and I said: I want to get my blood sugar under control so I can feel normal again while losing weight along the way. A year later she asked me the same question and without any hesitation I said: I want to be able to do Yoga. You see, this is the kind of personal trainer Dylan is. You will go from the generic answer everyone gives of just wanting to lose weight to being able to do activities that you never thought you could.

My blood sugars are now under diabetic range and I am happy to say that I have thrown away my scale because it doesn’t matter to me anymore since we are onto working on building muscle mass. Somewhere along the way she got me to start liking exercise!

A great trainer, motivator and person.

MJ-from Orlando,FL

With everything going on in our world right now, I can’t recommend the soul cleanse experience enough. I started to write soul cleanse “class” but to call it that would take away from it’s true essence… it’s truly an experience. Dylan leads with passion, energy, and pours her heart out to share her love. Her smile and dancing will bring joy and happiness into your heart, and her realness will conjure up lots of feels throughout your time with her. The intentions we set and share with each other at the end truly make me feel like I am a part of something real and powerful. Personally, it gives me a safe space to dance my heart out, break down in tears, release any pain or negative energy I’m feeling, along with getting a great workout. Afterwards I always feel Also, can’t forget to mention…her playlist is amazing!!!

Andrea Ruber-from Orlando,FL

Soul Cleanse

I was a little apprehensive about doing any kind of work out class. As a single mom, who works full time, my fitness definitely took a seat on the back burner, putting all my focus on raising my son and work. I’ve known Dylan the last 3 1/2 years and although I always respected what she did, I never thought I could take one of her classes. I would die from exhaustion and she would kick my butt. 

It was Dylan who reminded me that taking care of myself is in fact just as important of taking care of my son. She reminded me that if I was able to let down my shield of worry, embarrassment and stress, I would have more positive energy that would reflect on my son. 

After the 1st class I was hooked. Dylan did in fact kick my butt, however through all the sweat and pain something beautiful happened. I felt years of stress and anger fall off my body. Although it would take more classes to loose lbs, the amount of stress I lost in one single session was mind blowing. 

Dylan is so dedicated and passionate. She made me feel important, like I mattered and wasn’t just a single mom working her butt off just trying to get by. She reminded me that letting go of the negativity and stress allows room for positive changes. Changes that in turn helped me become a better mom and a more happy person. 

I’ve recommended Soul Cleanse to a few of my girlfriends and they have all had nothing but positive remakes about how amazing they felt afterwards. Dylan is truly amazing. Her bubbly and upbeat personality reminds you of the beauty in this world. She helps unearth any negative feels you have and shows you how to let them GO. 

Thank you Dylan for sharing your love and passion with the world. 

Laura Watson-from Titusville,FL

Dylan’s soul cleanse class is unique. It’s hard to tell someone what it is exactly unless you experience it yourself. The best that I can describe it is like a full body workout with meditation and releasing things that you hold onto. It’s a spiritual cleanse that doesn’t get you right away, at least for me. I started to feel “better” about a week after the first class I took. I started to feel more energized and calmer about myself and confident that I could change myself. My bit of warning for this class is that it is intense. It works your muscle and your mind to be better. There might be things that you can’t do right away and that’s ok. You can always modify it to fit your struggles and still feel like you are making a change. It is a whole body/mind release and I really enjoyed this class! It’s hard to describe, so all I can say is try it out for yourself! You will enjoy it!

My Soul Cleanse experiences with Dylan have been unique in my experience. She combines a holistic mind-body-spirit approach to wellness that is similar to yoga concepts with a very intense physical workout.  It’s a chance to not only get in shape, but to explore where you may be manifesting thoughts and emotions in your body, to work on developing the ones that serve you and on letting go of the ones that do not.  I have also really enjoyed her online class format.  Being able to see Dylan and the other students gives a sense of community. Even though we are not physically together, we’re working through this tough time of social distancing together.  I highly recommend these classes as part of your overall wellness practice!

-Chuck B

I rarely work out.
No really. Rarely.
I’m an avid hiker. I run everyday.
But I don’t do workouts.

So on that note;
Dylan does workouts. But it’s not “workouts.” And when she came to me and told me about this “workout” she did I was skeptical.
I thought, “I bet it’s just like all the others. But I love Dylan and I love her energy and something is telling me to give it a try.”
So I did one. Then I did two. And then I signed up for a third. Now let me clarify something, Dylan does workouts. And yes you will feel the beautiful soreness, the workout high, and the sweat radiating from your body. But what you’ll also feel is a sense of acceptance, a joy erupting from within, a community of love and kindness. The effects you feel from these SOULcleanse classes will last with you for weeks, months, and for all I know years! Without Dylan there guiding me to the kind of relationship our minds should have with our bodies, well I wouldn’t ever workout. EVER! To develop the coaching relationship with Dylan has been phenomenal but Dylan isn’t just a coach. Dylan becomes your friend, your family, an essential part of your mindful journey. So do yourself a favor, just try one. Sign up for her SOULcleanse class. Dig into who you are. Who you truly are meant to be.

-Sarah P

My experience with my Solo Cleanse, theme: Freedom 

Before: Not really sure what to expect, game face on, time to rock n’ roll!

During: Wow, what is this?! Not only is my body pushing itself and also accepting of its own needs to stop but different realizations and recollections from my past coming forth. Things forgotten, memories that bring me joy

After: Filled with joy, bliss and gratefulness to have met myself exactly where I needed to meet me. Reconnected with my inner child, carefree and free spirited. Embraced it full, bringing tears and all kinds of great emotions, elated!

Stephanie-Boca Raton,FL