Cancellation Policy

Health and balance are important! That’s why you’ve sought me out. So here, briefly, is how I manage cancellations and some options for you.

If you need to cancel:

24 hour cancellation notice by phone, text or email to avoid being charged for the session. Also if you are sick please reschedule 24 hours ahead. Rest; it’s incredibly important.
I totally understand things happen, so every client gets 1 free emergency cancellation with less than 24 hour notice at no charge and after that, the charge is the full session fee.

If you by chance left your work clothes or anything at home:

So sorry you will be charged. But if you’d like we can use your session for a coaching, in person, or by phone to make sure you are on track. Can absolutely do that. So it’s not a full loss.

If you are running late:

Please let me know so I won’t worry about you. I hope this won’t happen because I want you to have the full benefit of the session! Because other clients want me to be on time to them, we will still have to finish our session at the scheduled time, even if we started late.

If for some reason we can’t meet in person, there are options!

If you would like to do a FaceTime session, gladly I can do that with you! That will be charged the same as your session. This may be helpful if you are sick too. But most importantly rest and drink plenty of good fluids for your body.

If I need to cancel:

As for me: things happen of course to both of us. So, unless it’s an emergency, I will also give you 24 hours notice if I need to reschedule. If I’m the one who’s sick, for example, I don’t want to take a chance of making you ill, and the same advice about rest applies to me too! Please let me know ahead of time whether you prefer a call, text or email.